UX/UI Case Study | UnTapped


UnTapped Design Team



The Project

The Problem

The Solution

  1. Educating the user on what UnTapped actually does as a company
  2. Implementing the Special Buys program as well as straightening out their business model related to this program
  3. Implement a B2C side of the website they did not have while keeping the B2B side of the business on the website
  4. Create an in-store page for the user to find craft beverages at government liquor stores near them


Business Goals

User Goals

Project Goals


Domain Research

Competitive/Comparative Analysis


  1. Variety (60.4%)
  2. Rarity (54.5%)
  3. Free Delivery (47%)
  1. Access to unique beers (59.1%)
  2. Discounts (43.9%)
  3. Sampler Box (36.4%)


Affinity Mapping

Affinity Map

Affinity Mapping Key Findings

  • Uniqueness
  • Varieties
  • Convenience
  • Free delivery
  • Quick shipping,
  • Timely delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Physically going to the store
  • Lack of selection
  • Warm beer
  • Delivery wait period




  1. Ruben gets invited to a craft beer hangout with his friends.
  2. Ruben is looking to find craft beer for the hangout.
  3. But Ruben always sees the same craft beer at the store, but he wants more variety.
  4. Ruben receives an email from UnTapped about a craft beverage pack.
  5. The package of craft beer gets delivered right to his door step.
  6. He brings the craft beer to the hangout and they all enjoy the unique variety of beers Ruben brought. He then gets praise from his friends.

Feature Matrix


Design, Building and Testing

Lo-Fi Prototype

User testing tasks

Feedback and Iterations

UI Design

Mood and Colour Palette

Voice and Tone




Hi-Fi Prototype

Desktop Hi-Fi

Mobile Hi-Fi

Future Considerations and Conclusion


Future Considerations

  • Reviews
  • Blog and Forum for beer lovers
  • Personal login for members of the UnTapped Club to review their previous orders
  • A fun beer quiz for personalization
  • Chatbot



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